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How to Navigate Interview Nerves

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Interview nerves are a natural yet difficult emotion to navigate.

As a potential employee, you are in the spotlight, presenting your best self which can be intimidating.

We have compiled the below tips to help you navigate the stress and nail your next interview.


1: Practice makes perfect

If you find yourself getting nervous in interviews, it is best to sit down with a trusted friend or family member who can ask you some of the likely questions you will be faced with on the day of your interview.

2: Your resume is your cheat sheet

Your resume is what the interviewer will be looking at for talking points. Make sure you know exactly what is on your resume and the skills you have listed! If you know your resume back to front, you can feel assured that you will know what your interviewer will be asking.

3: Eat a healthy meal beforehand and drink lots of water

The best version of yourself is the healthiest version of yourself. Eating some healthy snacks before your interview gives you the best chance to feel energised and focused.

4: Give yourself a pep talk

Positive self-talk is the key to navigating your nerves. Nerves will always emphasise the worst outcome of a situation, so it is important to debate those thoughts with a positive mantra whenever you feel yourself doubting your abilities.

5: Remember that nerves are the sign that you care about the job!

Nerves are a signal that you care about performing well, showing the best version of your skills and potential. Reframing your nerves and using them in a positive light can help you to overcome your stress.