It might sound fairly obvious, but in order to secure your dream job, you need to stand out from your competitors – that is, the other candidates gunning for the same role. When an organisation is hiring, they will rank candidates’ suitability on a few key factors, the most common being previous experience. This is clearly an important element to be considered. However, there are plenty of factors that ultimately determine who gets the job, and these can often outweigh experience. What we’re referring to is your Personal Brand.

So here are a few things that make up your Personal Brand, and some tips that can help ensure you put your best foot forward in securing that dream role:

  1. Preparation

    Research & Knowledge is the key

    Before you go to any meeting or have a phone conversation with anyone, do as much research as you can. Research on the business, the person you’re meeting or speaking with, culture, people that have worked there in the past, annual reports & general industry trends. None of these things may come up in conversation, but if they do, you’ll definitely stand out when it’s evident you’ve done your research.

  2. Presentation

    Whether we like it or not, first impressions last – so look your best!

    Make sure you’re dressed appropriately for any interview or meeting you have throughout the process, including with the Recruiter. As part of your preparation, research who you’re meeting with and determine the suitable dress code. And always bring a compendium or notepad to a meeting – it looks more professional than turning up empty handed.

  3. Articulation & Language

    Sell yourself clearly & concisely

    The best way to refine your personal sell is simply to practice. Most people can easily answer typical questions like “Tell me about your background” or “Talk me through your experience” when talking to friends, colleagues or family members. However, it’s a different story in an interview scenario or when you have to tell your story to someone you don’t know, who may not know your industry or may have time constraints. So practice using different language & styles until you master selling yourself clearly & succinctly.


      4. Follow Up

Show that you’re keen

Following a meeting or interview, it’s always great to follow up with a “Thanks for your time” type email. If you haven’t heard back for a while, you should also follow up with a phone call to indicate you’re keen on the opportunity as well.


So a few things to think about. At the end of the day, your personal brand should be something you’re proud of, and how you would like to be perceived by others – so work on it! Ultimately, it’s what sets you apart from the rest.

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Your Personal Brand Tips from Sam Arico, the Director of Sales & Marketing.