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How to Navigate the Question - "What are your Salary Expectations?"

Sharp Carter Mar2023 174

"What are your salary expectations?" This is the question many previous job seekers that have gone through a job interview process would have heard before. This question can create panic and fear in candidates who are worried about asking for 'too much' or 'too little' and being taken advantage of. But don't worry, this question is not a trick to try and trip you up.

A Helpful Tip to Answer:
It is important not to be afraid to ask the recruiter what they think you could get in the market realistically with your skillset. Additionally, as long as you can justify your salary expectations, don't ever be afraid just to say it outright.

In recruitment, success is measured when both parties are happy (the candidate and the client you are recruiting for). Often recruiters ask the question to balance it out and get a salary that you would be happy with and a salary the client can realistically pay based on their budget.

So, if you ever get asked the question and don't quite know how to answer it, turn it into a discussion where the recruiter can help you rather than feeling as though you are on trial.

More often than not, employers and recruiters will be happy to help you and discuss similar roles they have recently recruited or hired for and discuss those rates.

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