Sharp & Carter Specialist Recruitment, Our Method, Female Worker Smiling at Desk
Sharp & Carter Specialist Recruitment, Our Method, Female Worker Smiling at Desk

Our Method

We will tailor candidate sourcing strategies to suit your company’s needs, taking into account factors such as time frame, budget, level of role and availability of candidates in the market. We are committed to achieving a successful outcome for every assignment.

We offer the following sourcing strategies, which may be combined, depending on the assignment:

Executive Search

With the Partners’ combined twenty-five years’ of experience in the industry – plus that of our staff – we have a network of contacts that allows us to source candidates that may not be active in their job search. We also have the experience to represent your opportunity in a positive, yet realistic manner.  With this approach, we can maximise your pool of candidates without misrepresenting the challenges of the role. Given we are a boutique firm, we are able to headhunt and network with more clients than most other firms.

Advertised Section

Digital and/or press advertising can be important parts of a sourcing strategy. We have a strike rate in excess of 95% in filling roles when advertised, as we understand how to get the most with a digital presence.

Database Search

While every recruitment company has a database, finding the right candidate requires an understanding and high level of expertise from your consultant. Successfully matching a candidate's technical skill set, personality and career aspirations to a company's culture, team and the role itself, can only come with experience.

Contract & Temporary Roles

Given our strong emphasis on candidate service and time in the market, we have an extensive network of applicants who are available with minimal notice, including 'professional contractors', who solely engage in interim roles.

These candidates can assist you by acting in an interim basis in roles made vacant through maternity leave, resignation, or extended holidays, as well as to provide additional support during peak times, for year end work, or to complete projects in your team.

Hiring a team member on a contract basis can also be an excellent way to ensure the applicant has the technical skills and fits into your organisation’s culture, prior to making them a permanent member of your team.​