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About Us

Sharp & Carter has an uncommon approach to recruitment. We’re a life-centric company that believes culture is everything.

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Who We Are

Sharp & Carter was born from a desire to bring humanity, humility and a level of care to the recruitment industry. 

For us, candidates aren’t skills on resumes. They’re humans with lives and desires outside their work, which are just as important as the jobs they do. 

When you really understand people and prioritise their best interests, you know the right environments for them to thrive - and that’s when everybody wins. 

We know this because we’ve built a people-first culture with the highest staff tenure in the industry. 

With empathy as our greatest strength, we lead positively and live our culture, which radiates outwards from our teams to clients and candidates - in every interaction. 

It means we can deliver extraordinary outcomes through our culture of uncommon care. 

Sharp & Carter Specialist Recruitment Sydney Harbour

Our Values

We aim to put the best candidates in the best jobs for our clients. This means we need to give our team the support they need to allow them to make this happen. We go above and beyond the duty of care for our staff, empowering them to do the same for our customers.

We aim to create an environment where our team can be themselves, allowing them to act with integrity in everything they do. We hire genuine people who reflect our principles of openess, trust and respect.

Every one of our partnerships, whether internally or externally, is entered into with the long-term in mind. This holistic approach, fostering longevity through flexibility and responsiveness means that we're always striving for win/win outcomes.

Everything's better when you enjoy your work and the people you work with, from staff to clients to candidates. This fundamental aspect of our culture is a tall order, but we don't do things in half measures. We aim high and we enjoy the journey together.

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Our Culture

We genuinely care and acknowledge the responsibility we have for the wellbeing of our people. We exist to serve and care for our people as a whole to ensure fulfilment. We invest heavily in wellbeing programs to allow our employees to perform at their best.

We live by the mantra of investing in our relationships for the long haul and operate with a dedicated focus on driving an authentic partnership model. We believe in Reciprocity: the act of treating others as you would like to be treated. This is a vital part of why we are generous.

We trust our employees and our business partners. We allow our staff to work from home, run their business autonomously while supporting them to ensure success. We empower our people, enabling them to do their job to the best of their ability.

We intend to be grateful for what we have achieved; the people we work with and the culture we have created. We remind each other to be thankful. We are a non-hierarchical business of no egos, and we strive to recognise and reward humility.