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The Importance of Networking


Networking aids you to cast a wide net of contacts that can positively impact you with your career path and build important relationships that can help you access job opportunities.

The more you network the more you will grow and learn how to make lasting professional connections.

Networking is no longer based purely on meeting people. In this new world people are connecting via virtual events, webinars, and online conferences. There are limitless options out there to help you start growing your network tree.

Because we know the importance and power of networking, we have collated some tips to help you network effectively and where to go to build connections.

1: Connect with the right people

It is important to network with people who are within your industry. Creating a network that helps you to open doors in your industry means your chances of securing an amazing opportunity is that much higher.

2: Utilise LinkedIn

Social media is an excellent way to easily and quickly connect with networking opportunities. LinkedIn is the professional social media platform and is the best way to connect with industry leaders and send direct messages about your interest in their career journey.

3: Use your resume as a talking point for advice

Utilising strong talking points when networking is important to strike up conversation and develop connections. Asking advice on how to best write up your resume is an easy way to chat with an industry leader you admire and hope to learn from.

4: Follow up

After building connections, the way you maintain them is by following up. After meeting someone at a networking event etc, follow up either on LinkedIn or via email with notes about hoping to cross paths in the future to learn more from their experiences. This shows dedication and eagerness to learn.  

5: Seek out networking events – live and virtual

A great way to build connections is by signing up to relevant industry networking events, conferences, workshops or webinars. There are many websites available that can help you locate and register interest for such events. Getting on the front foot and signing up to these events is the best way of building a strong network.