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​5 Ways You Can Stand Out to Employers While on the Job Hunt

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We have rounded up some simple ways you can stand out among the many who are job hunting in 2022.


1: When referring to your skills, give examples.

It isn’t overly helpful to tell a possible future employer that you are ‘organised’ without telling them examples of how you implement your organisational skills. For example you could tell a prospective employer how you organised an event and had to manage various details and aspects of the event.


2: Prepare yourself with thought out questions.

You can impress a potential employer by asking well thought out questions outside of the usual questions they would hear in every interview.


3: Show what you know about the organisation.

If you are keen to work at where you are interviewing for, having knowledge about the company will put you in good stead. Not only will this show the employer your interest it will show them that you are dedicated to taking time to learn and develop your knowledge about the organisation.


4: Get ready for hard questions.

There may be some interviews where the interviewer will want specifics. Whether that be specific skillset examples or better understanding your personality, such as, if you say you are adventurous, how are you ‘adventurous’.

The interviewer may also ask propping questions such as ‘are you interviewing anywhere else’. These questions can feel overwhelming in the moment, so make sure you have responses ready and if you are unsure of how to respond, be honest, let the interviewer know that you will have to come back to the question at a later time.


5: Be honest

The best thing you can do in any interview is be honest. You need to clearly state what you are capable of, what you believe you can achieve and what you still require development on. Telling a prospective employer you can do things you actually can’t will only land you in hot water later. You want to land a job because you as YOU are the perfect fit.


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