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5 Reasons Why You Aren't Attracting Candidates To Your Role

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Are the roles you are trying to fill getting limited, if any, applications? We outline the common obstacles that might be deterring prospective candidates from applying to your roles.

Many employers are currently faced with the difficulty of attracting suitable candidates to fill their roles in a candidate short market. At Sharp & Carter, we know that attracting great candidates and keeping them engaged throughout the process requires effort.

Below we've outlined tips to improve your application process and stop you from losing out on great candidates.

1: Cliché job descriptions:

When a candidate is on the job hunt, reading through lots of roles will become a part of their day-to-day. Because of this, reading cliché and similar job descriptions with terms such as ‘driven’ ‘hard working’ ‘detail orientated’, can deter many candidates as your role could feel like one of many instead of standing out.

Make the job description as specific to your company and the role as possible.  

2: Complicated application process:

There is nothing more off-putting for a candidate than a complicated application process. Having multiple steps is the first hurdle that will make your application process feel overwhelming and intense, which are two things a candidate is steering away from in an already overwhelming job hunting situation.

3: No response that you have received their application:

Simply letting a candidate know you have received their job application and what the next steps will be will engage your candidate far more than if they hit ‘apply’ and hear back nothing at all.

It will also help the candidate to keep your company at the top of their mind knowing that you are taking time to read and review their application.

4: Not outlining growth and stability within the job description:

Many candidates are looking for a job that is not just a job, but a career. Outlining the growth possibilities and stability of the role in the job description will save you many candidates who may click off your application from a lack of information about where they could go within your company.

5: Non flexible working arrangements:

In a post, Covid working world one of the most important things candidates look for on your application are the words ‘flexible working arrangements’. Many candidates will no longer accept a 5-day 9-5 work week and have proven their capability to work from home. It has been proven that more candidates will apply when they know there is an open conversation about preferred working arrangements.

Get in touch if you would like more information on how you can improve your hiring process.