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What is Driving Candidates to Change Roles Right Now

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Flexible/ non flexible working arrangement:

One of the biggest drivers that is causing candidates to change roles is flexible/ non flexible working arrangements. In the post covid working world employees simply refuse to divert back to the 5 day in office working week and because of this, if they find their workplaces require them to come back full time, it immediately drives them to start looking elsewhere for a job that lets them be flexible within their working week. Many candidates on the job hunt have spoken about the first thing they look for in a job description now is information on the flexible working arrangement the company offers, and how they will scroll past any role that requires a full time in office arrangement.


Another big driver to change roles is wages. With the cost of living increasing and inflation being seen across many areas of life, employees are looking to their workplaces for reassurance that their wages will remain fair in comparison to the cost of living. If workplaces and employees cannot ensure this candidates are now walking away and looking elsewhere for a job option that ensures fair wages.

Workplace Culture:

A final point that is driving candidates to change roles is workplace culture. The importance of a healthy workplace culture is now at the forefront of most employees minds, especially after the pandemic. Candidates are looking at the companies morals and ethics and asking themselves if they believe their company follows through on their promises. No longer will employees accept coming to work and feeling unsatisfied within the culture and the job itself. Many candidates are looking at job satisfaction as one of their number 1 targets when job hunting.