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The Virtual Recruitment Process is Here to Stay

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Though many employees around Australia have begun the return to the workplace, even if just in a hybrid capacity, it has become clear that virtual recruitment is here to stay. There are benefits to this for both employers and employees.

The geographical barriers that virtual recruiting can jump over immediately increases the hiring net when finding candidates. This allows organisations to access a greater talent pool –something that will be of significant benefit as the candidate shortage continues.

There are also huge benefits to virtual recruitment when it comes to safety and efficiency. The simple act of not having to travel from candidate to candidate means your recruiters get to meet double or even triple the amount of candidates they normally would.

The safety of the virtual screen means your recruiters get to be in a safe environment no matter who they talk to.

In this same vein, candidates also have the opportunity to meet with many different companies and recruiters in one day which casts their net to a wide range of jobs, cultures and career goals.

Covid-19 impacted the world in many ways and the world of virtual meetings, interviews and conversations are here to stay.