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2023 Checklist

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With 2023 now here, it's not uncommon to feel overwhelmed with 'to-do's'. This feeling can sometimes prevent us from switching into action mode. To help you get started on you're 2023 tasks, whether it be updating your resume for a potential career move or getting started on that work project, we have listed some steps to help you on your way to tackle the year ahead.

1. Clean up both your personal and work inbox

Spring clean your inbox by creating folders, filing away emails, and following a consistent email management process. A clear and concise workspace and personal email will provide clarity to focus.

2. Plan accordingly

Allow yourself time to ease back into things by designing your calendar to your needs. Create realistic deadlines and plan accordingly. Write them down in a notebook, enter them into an online organiser or put them in your calendar - whatever works best for you.

3. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with your manager

During the meeting, talk about the long and short-term projects you're working on. Also, use this as an opportunity to get feedback about your overall performance. Doing so can help you start some preliminary planning for your future or help you achieve certain goals.

4. Reassess your career goals

Take the time to write down goals you've set over the years. Doing so will allow you to reflect on what you have achieved and would like to accomplish in the future and reassess where required. You can then start putting plans into place to achieve those goals.

5. Commit to smaller blocks of time and take regular short breaks

Break down your work into smaller blocks than usual and set a timer. You can always repeat the time block and continue working if you have some momentum. It's also essential to take regular breaks for productivity, even if it's a stretch break, going for a walk, or meditating.

6. Create daily lists and satisfy the completion bias in you

Create a checklist, even for small tasks. When crossing off chores, it gives our brains a rush of dopamine, helping us to push forward into the next task.