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Questions To Ask In Your Next Interview


Asking thoughtful questions in your interview will not only show the interviewer your keen interest in the company and role, but will also showcase your confidence and initiative to find out valuable information that could help you move forward in the interview process.

To help you, we have rounded up 5 thoughtful questions that will help you stand out when your next interviewer asks you the infamous question, ‘Do you have any questions for me?'

1: How would you describe the culture?
This question is a great way to understand the company dynamics and how colleagues interact with each other.

2: What are the qualities needed to succeed in this role?
It is important as a potential future employee to understand the dimensions needed to fit the role. As a prospective employee you want to be assured you feel confident that you can fulfill the requirements of the role.

3: What do you feel, if anything was missing from the last person that fulfilled this role?
This question can help you quickly gauge the type of qualities the company is looking for in a person to fulfill this role.

4: What do you think is a challenge could possibly face in this role?
What tools would be available to me to help me overcome a challenge? If you’re considering the position, it is important to know that when faced with challenges in the role, you have a supportive network around you to help you overcome them.

5: What qualities are you looking for in a candidate to take on this role?
Not only is the employer looking to find if you are a good fit for the company, but you as an employee need to also make the decision if you believe you are the right fit as well.