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Tips From Past S&C Graduates


Simon Cust, Sydney Finance & Accounting Partner sat down and talked to 3 of his past Sharp & Carter graduates who have successfully completed the grad program. They are, Kellie-Ann Glassock, Lachlan Wilkinson & Hannah Lee.

Simon wanted to discuss life as a recruitment consultant from their perspective, and what has helped them to navigate the graduate program.

It was an engaging conversation with excellent insights and tips for future and current graduates as they navigate their new roles and the world of full-time work.

The key highlights and takeaways from their discussion were:

1: Ride the highs and lows of recruitment:

Celebrate the highs! When the lows do come around, find a technique that works for you to reset, such as a short walk outside the office, talking to a colleague or calling a friend outside of the recruitment industry for perspective.

2: Utilise industry experts:

Talk to people within the wider business for learning oppourtunities. Identify the people within the business who are experts in key areas and spend time with them to learn and grow within your role.

3: Consistency is key:

Forming good habits within your weekly structures and time management will help you both in the short and long term.

4: Find balance:

Find a good routine outside work. Maintain/ find hobbies & interests and have open conversations with your leader about how your outside commitments can fit in with work. This can help reduce stress and future burnout.

5: Learn from your mistakes:

It is ok to fail! Be kind to yourself and know that mistakes are powerful opportunities for growth and development.


To learn more about our graduate program and how you can be involved, visit our Graduate Program Page