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5 Trends in Executive Recruitment To Expect in The Next 6 Months

Sharp Carter Mar2023 603

​We delved into the mind of a recruiting expert and sat down with Tim Wallis, Talent Manager in Brisbane to gain his five insights into the ever-evolving trends and predictions shaping the Executive recruitment landscape.

See below his recruitment forecast:

1. Many CEO/Executive/GM level positions, across a diversity of industries, are hitting the market.

2. Achieving a healthy work-life balance is a key consideration. Candidates are still looking for positions that offer flexibility, reasonable working hours, and support for their personal well-being.

3. Many executive candidates are interested in roles that have a positive impact on society and demonstrate a commitment to corporate social responsibility.

4. Executives often gravitate towards industries or organisations with strong reputations and exciting challenges.

5. Executives are attracted to sectors that align with their expertise or offer opportunities for innovation and growth within their preferred interests.

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