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The Best Ways to Address Hybrid Work During an Interview

The Best Ways To Address Hybrid Work During An Interview

Navigating the dynamics of hybrid work is a critical consideration for both employers and job seekers in today’s evolving workplace expectations. The hybrid model has become more popular since the pandemic, so preparing ways to address it in your next interview is important.

So… How should you address it?


Start with research:

Phrases like 'remote working' and 'hybrid work' are more prevalent in job ads, so utilising these in an interview serve as great gauge points as to whether a company supports the hybrid model.

What Questions Should You Ask?

Flexible questions are vital in this scenario, as they invite free flowing conversation.

Questions like these invite the idea of hybrid work rather than demand it:

- ‘How does the company plan to manage the return to the office?’

- 'Do most employees work full-time from the office, or is there the option of hybrid working?’


Clarity in preference:

Since the pandemic, employers are more open to different ways of working, so be prepared to answer honestly about your hybrid model preference.

Ensure to outline why the hybrid model works for you and how it improves your work-life balance, as employers know that productivity stems from healthy stability.


As workplace expectations evolve, so do working arrangements, so ensure to remain open-ended with your interest in the hybrid working model. Highlight the mutual benefits it will bring and create a clear picture of your preferences to work towards.