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Feyona Lau: Our New Wellbeing Director

Feyona Lau

With over 20 years of experience in both executive and non-executive roles across diverse industries, Feyona will be joining our team as the Wellbeing Director. Feyona will be a proactive force dedicated to promoting a thriving work culture. Her role extends beyond the conventional boundaries of HR; Feyona is here to design and implement comprehensive well-being initiatives for our employees.

Feyona specialises in leadership coaching with a focus on emotional intelligence, resilience, and wellbeing. Feyona seamlessly blends strategic thinking with hands-on execution, embodying her dedication to fostering sustainable fulfillment and high performance. To read more about Feyona and her professional experiences, visit her LinkedIn profile here.

Feyona will strengthen our culture of uncommon care here at Sharp & Carter. We believe that providing further support for our employees will enrich overall health, wellbeing, productivity, and embody our new mission statement: 'To be a catalyst for a new era of work – where organisations unlock potential through prioritising people above all else.' Not only will Feyona’s work encapsulate this promise, but it will also align with our core values of Care, Generosity, Trust, Humility, and Excellence. By championing these values throughout the work Feyona will do, our employees will achieve excellence inside and outside of the workplace.

We offer a range of initiatives, from flexible work arrangements to mental health resources (ACACIA), ensuring that our team members are supported at every step of their journey. Commitment to employee wellbeing can be shown through some of our employee testimonials.

Luke George, HR Executive Assistant: “I was truly embraced, not only by my immediate team but by the entire business. The genuine sense of being seen, cared for, and respected quickly assured me that I had landed in the right place!”

Giorgio Xindaras, Partner, Sales & Marketing: “I'm incredibly grateful that our environment is one that prioritises care and psychological safety for our employees. It has created an environment that reflects caring, resilient and engaged staff.”

Alyse Mullen, VIC State Lead EA and Projects: “It's a rare feeling, waking up every morning and looking forward to going to work. The people, the culture, and the ongoing support I've received during my 5 years at Sharp & Carter have made it such a great place to work.”

Daniel Close, VIC State Partner, Accounting Clerical: "Sharp & Carter is a workplace where I feel 100% supported to be myself. It’s an amazing place to work where there is genuine care displayed from all to help each other flourish personally and professionally."

To learn more about our culture and values at Sharp & Carter, visit our website here. To understand more about Feyona, her ethos, and professional experience, visit her LinkedIn profile here.