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Let's celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD)!


​Get ready to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8th!

 It’s that time of the year when we come together to honour the incredible achievements of women within S&C and reaffirm our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within our business.

This year’s theme is ‘Inspiring Inclusion’. Inclusion is how well and easily people can fully connect and engage with people across all types of differences. Practically, it is how businesses, leaders, and individuals provide ways that allow everyone across multiple types of differences, to participate, contribute, have a voice, and feel that they are connected and belong, all without losing individual uniqueness or having to give up valuable identities or aspects of themselves.

Inspiring action is not just a statement—it's a call to action that aligns with our values. It reminds us that gender equality is a journey, not a destination, and each one of us plays a vital role in creating a more inclusive workplace. Let’s use this day to amplify the voices of women, challenge stereotypes, and advocate for equal opportunities in every sphere of life.


We want YOU to be a part of the action. Here’s how:

Make sure you attend your in office IWD celebration. By coming together, you not only show your support for gender equality but also acknowledge the unique talents, perspectives, and leadership that women bring to S&C. This sends a powerful message of appreciation and encouragement to the women who inspire us all. It is an opportunity to talk about their experience of workplace equality, breaking down barriers, and the importance of male allies.

Making commitments to ‘inspiring inclusion’ is just the beginning; it's our actions that truly make a difference. We are asking teams to think of one practical action they can take to foster a more inclusive environment. Whether it is being aware of and managing our unconscious biases, ensuring all voices are heard when making critical decisions, or organising a community outreach event, every effort counts! You may want to on the commitments made during IWS 2023.

We want someone passionate within teams to lead and keep the focus on this throughout the year. That person maybe a partner, director, manager or consultant – we all have a part to play. Email your team’s goals to HR by March 18th, 2024. Let’s make this International Women’s Day one to remember!

We will share a resource to help you to create those commitments and action on our journey towards greater inclusivity and equality.

How aware are you of your own unconscious bias?

Unconscious bias refers to attitudes or stereotypes that influence our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. Being aware of it is crucial because it helps us reduce its impact on our decisions and behaviours. By acknowledging our biases, we can make more fair and objective judgments, leading to better outcomes in areas such as hiring, promotion, and overall interactions with others.


Check out the Ted Talk of Gail Tolstoi Miller, an American recruiter and career coach with over 20 years industry experience and over 15,000 job placements. She shares her own personal story of unconscious bias in her recruitment decisions and how she now practically challenges.


Cheers to the incredible women, at work, home and in our community who inspire us every day!