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Our New Mission Statement

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Our recent 15-year milestone served as a celebration of our people and the business we have built together. Everyone has played a crucial part in creating this special organisation - from our Partners, Consultants and Graduates to our ESAs, Marketing Team, Finance Team, IT Support, and Commercial and Wellbeing Teams. We have all contributed to living and championing our culture and values, leading us to where we are today.

Our CEO and Managing Partner, Stephen Carter, believes that “we are a group of people who are doing things differently. We are proving that care, trust, generosity, humility, and excellence lead to an incredibly successful place” as evidenced by our annual growth of 40%. To acknowledge this commitment and our purpose, we feel it is important to encapsulate our organisation's ‘Why?’ into a new Mission Statement. A statement that answers the questions, ‘Why do we exist?’ and ‘What do we hope to add to the world beyond the traditional foundations of recruitment?’.

After much consideration and refinement, we present Sharp & Carter’s new Mission Statement:

‘To be a catalyst for a new era of work – where organisations unlock potential through prioritising people above all else.’

We aim to set an example for the world by demonstrating that a culture of uncommon care is the key to unlocking the potential of both organisations and people. Not only are we passionate about our own team, but also about everyone that is involved with our company, making us an organisation that brings humanity and understanding to recruitment.

We are immensely proud of our people for their efforts in creating this catalyst for a new era of work and recruitment.