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Workplace Diversity and Why it Matters

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What is workplace diversity?

Diversity in the workplace is about hiring employees who bring diverse identities to an organisation, reflecting an intersection of ethnicities, religions, physical abilities, races, sexual orientations, educations, life experiences and more.

Workplace diversity isn’t merely a trendy term or optional feature within your organisation; it is an essential priority that influences the way your business operates, the community it fosters, and what your brand image looks like.


Why is it important?

Having a diverse workplace should be a core value ingrained in your organisation, as it allows employees to feel comfortable to share ideas, collaborate and feel respected at work.

There are many benefits that result from workplace diversity:


Enhanced creativity:

By hiring diverse employees, you will gain fresh perspectives and unique ideas that set you apart from other organisations.


Better customer understanding:

A diverse workplace can more effectively engage with and understand a varied customer base, boosting customer satisfaction.


Improved brand reputation:

Being recognised as an employer that prioritises diversity will enhance your brand reputation and foster an inclusive reputation.


Expanded talent pool:

Hiring staff from differing cultures and backgrounds will naturally create a larger talent pool and extend attraction to a diverse range of talent.

How to improve diversity in your workplace

There is no quick fix that will single handedly elevate your diversity and inclusion efforts, but taking stock of your current staff demographics and prioritising a broad range of employees is a great start. Ensure that you connect your employees with personalised opportunities to increase job satisfaction and promote a diverse range of development options.

Focus on creating a diverse leadership team to ensure that you lead from the top, and make sure to celebrate differences within your organisation. This will increase employee retention and promote an inclusive and comfortable workplace environment.