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5 Trends in Sales, Marketing & Digital To Expect in The Next 6 Months

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​We delved into the mind of a recruiting expert and sat down with Giorgio Xindaras, Sales & Marketing & Digital Partner in Victoria to gain his five insights into the ever-evolving trends and predictions shaping the recruitment landscape.

See below his recruitment forecast:

1. As we progress through 2023, both employers and candidates find themselves proceeding with caution in career moves and hiring as inflation and potential recession remains a dominant concern.

2. Candidate drivers have shifted from a focus on culture, progression, and flexibility in 2021 and 2022 to emphasising salary, culture, flexibility, and security in 2023.

3. We are witnessing the impact of potential economic uncertainty in the first quarter of 2023, as some organisations are beginning to reduce their marketing spend and investments.

4. The number of roles advertised in the market in 2023 has decreased compared to 2022.

5. Organisations experiencing strong or stable growth and performance are viewing 2023 as an opportunity to potentially attract top talent.

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