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5 Trends in Supply Chain & Operations and Engineering & Technical To Expect in The Next 6 Months

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We delved into the minds of recruiting experts and sat down with Dale Young & Tim Barraclough, Supply Chain & Engineering Directors in Victoria to gain their five insights into the ever-evolving trends and predictions shaping the Supply Chain & Engineering recruitment landscape.

See below their recruitment forecast:

1. Restructures and downsizing due to market pressures and business underperformance. Some key factors driving this are energy and materials costs impacting already tight margins.

2. Cost of living pressures on households leading to an increase in job / promotion seeking candidates to make ends meet.

3. Manufacturing and supply chain organisations have been investing in digital transformation for years. This will continue into 2023 and beyond.

4. Skills shortages continue in specific technical roles such as engineering due to poor net migration over the past 3 years.

5. The government is trying to improve the job hiring process by easing requirements for some Visas such as the Working Holiday Visa.

To get in touch with Dale, Tim or any of our other consultants in this field click here.

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