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7 Trends in Finance & Accounting To Expect in The Next 6 Months

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We delved into the minds of recruiting experts and sat down with Simon Cust, Finance & Accounting Partner, and Jacinta Coyne, Accounting Clerical Manager in Sydney to gain their seven insights into the ever-evolving trends and predictions shaping the F&A & ACL recruitment landscape.

See below their recruitment forecast:

1. Forward-thinking CFOs recognise the immense potential of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) in streamlining repetitive tasks.

2. Increasingly conscious of environmental and social responsibilities, organisations are integrating sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into their accounting practices.

3. Finance professionals are prioritising cyber security measures and implementing robust data protection protocols.

4. The role of accountants has expanded beyond traditional financial functions, emphasising the need for business partnering competencies.

5. The finance industry, like many others, has embraced hybrid working conditions. This flexible arrangement allows finance teams to optimise their productivity and collaboration.

6. Previously most roles within the Shared Services space included WFH options. However, businesses are looking to bring more people back into office and are encouraging in person collaboration between teams.

7. Overseas talent returning/arriving in Australia, improving temporary skilled work shortages.

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