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5 Trends in Legal & Compliance To Expect in The Next 6 Months

Sc April2023 59

We delved into the minds of recruiting experts and sat down with Lee Ruddy & Adam Kumaraswamy, Legal & Compliance Partners in Victoria to gain their five insights into the ever-evolving trends and predictions shaping the L&C recruitment landscape.

See below their recruitment forecast:

1. Concern among the legal community regarding artificial intelligence and what that could mean for the Legal & Compliance jobs.

2. A rise in contractors to get around headcount in more challenging economic times.

3. Working from home and flexible work is still top priority for all level lawyers.

4. Given change in macroeconomic conditions, remuneration across the board didn’t increase in line with the uptick over the last couple of years. Lawyers expressed their displeasure in regard to this.

5. With steep annual budget targets to be achieved, some firms/practice groups are focusing more than ever on billables and even going as far as putting pressure on junior lawyers to undertake business development.

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