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Insights on Data, Negotiation, and Career Planning

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At our recent Melbourne event 'Senior FMCG NAM Networking Breakfast', we gained valuable insights on data, negotiation, and career planning from guest speakers Nick Hogendijk and Jessica Gordoun.

In today's dynamic market, consumers are experiencing a paradox of choice challenging companies to cut through the ‘noise’. To remain competitive, retailers must become smarter about how they conduct their business. Data-driven business strategy is not just an option now, but a necessity. Nick explained how effective data utilisation becomes a weapon in the industry as it informs decisions, optimises operational efficiency, and drives company growth.

Delving into negotiation strategies in the FMCG sector, key takeaways include the importance of building strong buyer relationships, leveraging detailed market data, and understanding the unique advantages your product brings. Jessica shared valuable insights on navigating high-stakes negotiations with major retailers, summarising these into top tips. 

We organised this event after extensive discussions with our client over the past 18 months, focusing on the key areas they wanted to upskill their National Account Managers and National Business Managers. The feedback consistently highlighted the need for managers who can leverage data to drive decision-making in an inflationary environment and who possess strong negotiation skills to secure the best possible commercial outcomes with Buyers. Additionally, we found that the best leaders and businesses invest in providing their teams with the right building blocks to ensure retention while progressing their careers into Senior Commercial Leadership. This emphasis on providing the right building blocks is critical, as it ties directly into the importance of retaining your employees, which is essential for maintaining a strong and capable team.

For a deeper dive into these insights and strategies, check out the full presentation pack here.