Senior DevOps Engineer

Job title : Senior DevOps Engineer
Location : Melbourne
Job type : Permanent or Full Time
Job reference : 1199291
Senior DevOps Engineer

As part of our client’s international team, you will deploy and manage cloud infrastructure and tools to service our existing and future customers using in house designed and built connected car and truck telematics technologies.

This is a great opportunity to work on various next-generation Products & Platforms in the Web, Telematics and IoT space.

You will have a creative mindset that can visualize results and know-how to get there. You are constantly seeking and developing new ideas and bringing these to life across your projects.
Essentials – what’s required to succeed:
  • Design, build, and own platforms that provide critical support for operating microservices at scale (Kubernetes, Kafka, API Management, Workflow Engine)
  • Write clean code, perform code reviews, develop documentation, and take the lead in solving complex technical challenges
  • Set up build infrastructure that allows stress-free deployments & releases
  • Design and execute chaos engineering strategies to break things to improve resilience and scalability
  • Collaborate with product engineering teams and build platform features to make their lives easier
  • Use a data-driven approach to decide if new infrastructure or services need to be added
You will have extensive knowledge of:
  • Cloud architecture principles (load balancing, high availability, server-based and serverless architecture, database configurations)
  • Microservices patterns and principles (Event Driven, Service Mesh, API Gateways)
  • Defensive programming principles (circuit breakers, resiliency frameworks, fault tolerance, self-healing mechanisms)
  • Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes
  • Experience building platforms to unlock the productivity of engineering teams
  • Experience working with monitoring systems like Prometheus/Grafana
  • Experience working with infrastructure as code like Terraform
  • Fluency in at least one modern programming language (Java, Go, Python, NodeJS – TypeScript preferred) – we use Java and related frameworks for platform APIs
  • Education: Bachelor's Degree or higher required.
  • Experience: 6+ years of experience designing, building, deploying, and scaling production microservices and infrastructure
Apply now or contact Vincent Cote Boucher at for more information.