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Why is My Job Ad Not Standing Out?

Job Ad

To attract top-tier talent for your company, a thoughtfully crafted job advertisement is essential. 90% of employers struggle to identify qualified candidates (Flynn 2023), which unfortunately stems from weak ads deterring strong applicants.

It is important to understand why a job ad might not be grabbing the attention of strong candidates. Here are some reasons for the problem:


  • Vagueness in job descriptions and necessary skills

  • Creating an intimidating prospect by overemphasising job requirements

  • Neglecting career growth opportunities

  • Lack of visual appeal


To combat these issues, it is essential to know how to craft an ad that will appeal to your target candidates. Here are some strategies:

1. Create a compelling job title

To capture a candidate's attention, avoid using generic titles and instead use descriptive words that highlight the unique selling points of the job.

2. Write an engaging job description

Not only must the title be captivating, but so must the introduction for the role. Start by highlighting the main aspects of the position and follow with the benefits and opportunities available. This will set an optimistic precedent for the candidate, indicating that the job is not just a tick-box role, but rather a developmental position.

3. Use key words effectively

Ensure that you strategically include words that are industry specific, and intertwine these within the title, description, and qualifications sections.

4. Showcase company values and culture

In today’s landscape, candidates not only look for the perfect job, but also an aligning culture. Devote a section to highlight the company’s mission and values to help candidates understand the organisations culture and whether it is the right fit for them.

5. Format for visual appeal

Ensure that you lay out the content in digestible sections, using bullet points, subheadings, and bolded words. This will draw attention to key details and visually entice candidates.

6. Enhance with visuals

It can be overwhelming to look at a job ad that is purely word-based, so be sure to include relevant images that represent the role and company to increase visual appeal.

Dedicating time and energy in crafting engaging job ads with these tips will make the advertised role stand out and and ensure recruitment success.



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