No, I am not talking about having a sausage sizzle outside head office. Nor am I saying for you to jog with the running gait of a giraffe like our now besieged and grossly unpopular leader of the opposition. I am saying you as the hiring manager, should be steadfast in your policies, benefits, and why the people should get behind you and show their support beyond the 9-5.

Is voting something you do with pride, or do you not have the faintest idea what the difference is between the Senate and the Coalition? Do you like short-term benefits, or is it all about long-term, sustainable success?


The current job landscape we see as recruiters often mirrors the merry-go-round in government. Employees are given less than a full-term to prove their worth before the knives come out. The ground beneath them comes shaky and what’s left is a battle for survival at the polls, so to speak. This forces voters (or stakeholders) to go back to the safest option for right now. This isn’t sustainable in the long run.

I urge decision makers to be bold and insist on clear cut policies about what their employees will do once elected (or hired). Don’t fluff about with superfluous benefits and keep the objectives and success criteria simple. Take a risk to let people develop into great employees and leaders, instead of constantly holding by-elections.

Lastly, as an employer don’t over-promise and under-deliver. Keep your policies relevant, and make sure the candidates feel safe picking you for the full-term!

Stephen Christofakakis
Consultant, Sharp & Carter