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The elevator doors draw to a close. Your heart is racing. Another soldier crams into line and you huddle together awaiting the crescendo of the floodgates and the enemy. The unknown. The doors fling open. The war has arrived. But have you?

This rhythm of battle hits many people each and every day. The three espressos before 10am are cloaks of disguise, tricking us into believing that this metaphorical sharpening of the axe will adequately fulfill our fear of what is coming. The manning of the wall that is our inbox, where the arrows of fire can come at any moment, one ‘as per my previous email’ at a time. We dance the merry dance of running from meeting to meeting, battle plans a plenty for a war that we are never ready for. We fight into overtime, into late nights, weekends and this permeates our thoughts even when we put our weapons down and call it a day.


Aligning a 9-5 office job to war (or a TV series) is far from credible, but whether we like it or not, it is the mental battle many of us face one spreadsheet at a time. Winter is coming, and it is cold and dark like an unhappy and faceless customer. As you look to the left and right of your pod, why is it that some of us are built for war, and others are hoping to batten down the hatches and pray for when it is over?

What war is to one, opportunity is to another. When your day feels like how the above reads, it really is time to assess whether this battle is for you. In that elevator was an eager and ready comrade anticipating the battle of today. They relish the meetings and yearn to show their swordsmanship in times of war. They do not stop until they are victorious.

If this isn’t you, chances are it is time to look for a new opportunity. Your career should not be a battle ground, but an arena to show your craft. Find your non-negotiables and if you are unsure where this should lead you, I would love to help you out. Reach out via LinkedIn or email me at

Stephen Christofakakis
Consultant, Sharp & Carter